3 Best Ways To Fix Temporary Ads Limit On Your Adsense

temporary ads limit

What is Google Adsense Temporary Ads Limit?

Temporary Ads Limit was introduced by Google in 2019. Google work hard in other to protect the Adsense ecosystem especially advertisers using Google Adwords to promote their services. Google may sometimes place a temporary ads limits on websites. This is to analyze your website which include and not limited to content, traffic and all invalid activities. After proper analysis or investigation, Google may permanently disable ads serving to any website found violating their policies.

Causes of Temporary Ads Limit Serving

There are four major reasons on why Google place temporary limits on ads serving on your websites, these are known or regarded as invalid activities or policy violation. They are:

  • The use bot or auto-traffic in other to increase revenue. Google Adsense is all about monetization. Hence people tend to use different kinds of blat-hat strategies to increase or make more money illegally in which auto-traffic is one of the method.
  • Clicking on your own ads to generate revenue. This act is violates Google Adsense policy.
  • The use or buying traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This source of traffic is regarded as non organic. Using this raises “red-flag” thereby causing a temporary ads limits on your website.
  • Posting or sharing your website links in forums or social media groups which are not unrelated to your niche or content (leading to confusion in Google’s targeting algorithm).

Ways to Fix Temporary Ads Limit Serving on Your AdSense Account

Many bloggers or writers are faced with this issue. I have been able to fix temporary ads limit successfully with the method i want to discuss now. If you follow the steps accordingly, limits would be removed from your adsense account in a matter of days or weeks.

Recently I discovered that people remove ads code from their website and also remove domain from hosting and hoping that limits would be resolved. This is totally wrong, i have tried this, in fact the ads limit was removed initially but trust me, it came back within 48 hours.

Improve Organic Traffic

It is essential that your traffic should be about 80-90% organic. Try as much as possible to have targeted audience visiting your website. If you are having non-targeted audience to your website, Google algorithm are often confused, hence this triggers the system to place ads limit on your website.

Enhance Your Website Content and SEO

Analyze your website or run an audit on your website to help you discover errors and possibly work to fix if any is found. Improve your website structure for proper navigation and review your ads placement too. Good SEO (search Engine Optimization) content is also necessary to fix ads limits issue. Your website should be updated regularly with fresh unique content that complies with adsense policy.

Stay Away From Social Media Traffic

Many of us rely solely on social media traffic. This is not good enough. Social media traffic raises “red-flag” in the Google adsense algorithm. Google now requires that bulk of your traffic should be organic. After resolving ads limits, ensure that traffic from social media platforms is greatly reduced or else you will continue to experience ads limits every month.


Temporary ads limit is just inevitable. Many of us see this as an opportunity for bloggers or adsense users to correct their wrongs. It gives you room to improve your website for the benefits of the four parties involve which are; Google, Publishers, Advertisers,Website visitors. Do not see this as a discouragement, hence see this as second chance given by Google for you to continue using adsense. You may likely experience the limits not getting resolve as early as possible, but trust me follow the above guide with time it will be resolved.


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