Blogging; 7 Simple Smart Steps On How To Get Topics

blogging topics

Blogging topics remains a challenge for most bloggers and most often they engage content writers or hire freelancers to write for them. If blogging is a passion for you, then you may likely find it easy to write content yourself. In today’s article, I will discuss some smart steps on how to get daily blogging topics.

It is a well known fact that every seconds, minutes, hours, and days, people search for information on the internet. A larger percentage search for solution to problems. It is interesting to note that you can as well get ideas or topics on what people are searching for. The following are steps to get topics to blog about:

Blogging Topics From Quora

This is one of the platforms where people get search and get information. People visit this site daily to ask questions and within few minutes or hours, they get the needed answers. Quora is a website where people connect to get insightful answers to their questions.

Go to, sign up, choose topics you want to be notified with when people post questions. With that you will be able to get ideas of what people are searching answers for and get topics you can blog on.

Quora can also serve as traffic and help you build good back-links as you can answer questions and link and back to your site after you must have written content based on the questions posted.

Search Blogging Topics On Twitter Trends

Twitter is a social media platform. This is a great place to get blogging ideas especially for bloggers on trending or news niche. With Twitter you can get topics that are trending worldwide. Note these topics and write your content about them. Depending on your interest, you will always get topics to get about daily.

Google Trends

Google remains the topmost search engine in the world. Day in day out we tend to search for information on google. With Google trend tool, you get topics, ideas of what people are searching. Be creative enough to write your own content from this topics.

Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Groups is one of the best place to get blogging topics. Lots of topics are daily discussed also this platform. On these groups, unregistered visitors or user can see answers to various questions but cannot post as only registered users are allowed to post. Users can explore various niches of interest.

Facebook Groups And Pages

Generally social media platforms especially Facebook groups and pages are good place to get blogging topics. Millions of people interact daily on these platform, hence it is good to leverage on Facebook to get interesting and engaging topics to blog on. The advantage of this is also the mass traffic you can get by posting meaning content and your link but without spamming, go try that out.


Reddit has recorded a boom in real time users, this makes it a very active and interactive platform for everyone to discuss on various topics of interests. Registered users can submit content or links directly to their site. It is therefore necessary for you to exploit this platform to generate ideas and also generate traffic to your website.


This is a good tool you can also use. On this site, you can search a particular keyword. With this you will be able to generate different content ideas based on the keyword you entered. Webmasters and bloggers find this tool very useful as it works just like Google Keyword planner.


You would agree with me to some extent that the above listed are simple and yet smart ways of getting blogging topics. The internet is rich in content, explore it.


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