5 Easy Ways To Start Your Blogging Career


Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. In my recent article where I wrote about “Best 5 Online Businesses to Start with Little Capital”, I briefly discussed what blogging is. In this article, we would go more in-depth on 5 easy ways on how to choose blogging as a career and how you can make residual income from it.

What is Your Purpose of going into Blogging?

The first step is for you to determine the purpose of you going into blogging. People blog for two reasons: Passion and to Make Money. Making money is one of the major reasons why people go into blogging. Only few go into blogging due to passion.

A larger percentage of those that blog purposely because of money tends to get frustrated after hard-work, spending money, and time in the first 3 months, they end up quitting. I will always emphasize that Blogging is not Get-Rich-Quick scheme. It is important to note that you to dedicated not less than 3 Months before you can start making money.

Choose A Niche

After discovering the purpose of you starting a career in blogging, next is to choose a niche. There are lots of niche, sub-niches that you can choose from for example: health, wealth, inspiration, beauty, fitness, cooking and lots more. You can visit ezine.com to get more ideas on niches.

It is important to choose a niche you are familiar with and you can possibly write on any day any time.  With my experience, I have discovered that people pay freelancers to write for them. A 500 word length article could cost about 5bucks, what if you are on a tight budget? Since you are starting a fresh blog, you need lots of articles or content to start with. Start with at least 2 article per day. At the end of 1 Month, you should have a minimum of 50 articles. Not just crappy contents, SEO content that your readers would be willing to visit your website again for new content to read.

Register A Domain and Hosting

In blogging, you need a domain name such as Trendvibez.com and hosting to host/keep your files or content. For less than $30, you can buy a .com domain and hosting with namecheap.com. Visit www.namecheap.com, sign up, search for a domain you wish to register, if it’s available you will be able to register it and host it at the same time. I will discuss the step by step process on how you can set up your blog on wordpress in my subsequent article or hire a freelancer to do that.

Writing Content On Your Blog

After setting it your blog, next is uploading content. As I mentioned earlier, content is King! People visit blogs and websites to get information. If your blog has the content they are looking for, definitely you will get steady daily traffic to your website.

It is important that to learn what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about. This will help you ranked well and get your website noticed on search engine. You need to update your site daily or weekly with fresh content. This content must be unique, error free, readable and not spun content, and each article on your site must contain at least 600 words count.

Also while writing, consider the keywords to be used. Note that; people search for particular keywords on search engine like; “Top 10 Universities in The world, “how make soap….these are keywords.

You can choose to write content yourself or hire freelancers on fiver.com, upwork.com and be ready to spend money to get good content! Just make sure you get readable, manually written and SEO content.


Now that you have a well-established blog with at least 50 good content, you can now monetize it. You can monetize with Google AdSense, Mgid, Propeller Ads, and affiliate marketing products, information products as well as sponsoring a post. Please take note that before you can start earning, your blog must have been receiving at least 500 unique visitors daily.

Build A List Of Subscribers

If your blog start receiving visitors, it is important you start building a list by encouraging your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. You can have an email subscription pop-up once a visitor visits your website and offer free gift like e-book. Gradually, in future you start sharing information with them, promote products to them as well.


The earning potential of a well-established blog receiving at least 500 unique visitors daily and monetized with Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing products and information products is as follows;

A Month Traffic Of 2000 visits in a Month

1. Google AdSense

Let’s assume average (CPC) Cost Per Click is $0.50 and CTR is 5%

= 0.50 x 5 x2000 divided by 100 = $50

2. Affiliate Product: If you earn commission of $10 on a product and just 1% of 2000 visitors bought, you earn = 20sales x $10 = $200

3. If your information product cost $5 and 1% of 2000 bought= $5 x 20 = $100

As you can see from the above that an average established blog earns an average of $350/ Month. That could pay some bills though!


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